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High Pressure Watermist

Water mist is used in very different situations. It is designed according to two different functions (according to each hazard): fire control or fire suppression.


Total Flooding

Limiting the growth and the spread of fire, cooling the adjoining fuel and containing upper gas temperatures.

Typical applications would be:

  • Computer rooms

  • Occupied rooms and class A fires

  • Archives

  • Cable trays

  • Telecommunication centres

  • Spill of flammable liquids

Hydramist Nozzle.png

Local Application

Complete fire suppression of the risk.

Typical applications would be:

  • Commercial kitchens and food industry

  • Warehouses containing flammable liquids

  • Turbine and transformer rooms

  • Engine test cells

  • Diesel engines and alternators

  • Paint spray booths

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