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Fire Damper Inspection


In order to ensure that the fire and smoke dampers in your buildings are fully operating within their legal requirement, annual periodic inspection will be required to ensure your buildings safety. In conforming to recent laws every building must have clear evidence of an annual damper inspection as stated in the building regulation act approved document B.
Even if your building is comparatively new, smoke and fire dampers can be compromised from a wide range of problems, broken links, rust, offline motors, blockage, and torn fire curtains, are just some of the reasons why a damper will fail to contain a fire. Damper inspection can be tricky, but our experienced engineers aim to make the process as fluent as possible. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in the full damper inspection process, and know how to look out for any complications that could compromise a dampers intended function.
Fire Technical Services can offer a fully comprehensive service to any if your premises to ensure all fire & smoke Dampers are operating as they should and keep you in line with current legislation

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